Izabel Goulart shows, if you have a ‘play’- Check it out!


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Izabel Goulart/Instagram
Izabel Goulart/Instagram

This Tuesday (4. May), the model Izabel Goulart he has participated in the framework of the “I Never”, the Matheus Mazzaferaon his YouTube channel, “the Hotel Mazzafera,” and he made a few characters.

During the game, the angels of Victoria’s Secret, was asked whether she had done plastic surgery or botox, she revealed to a friend that I have never done before, all cosmetic procedures.

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I have never done, never done anything. I still have Intrusive never anything, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, but I’m not against them (…). I’ve done to take a laser, the stain on her face, as I went to the beach, and because of my work, I can’t stay with your skin blotchy. But if I did, I did it two or three times was too much“ he said.

The tip led to a ‘play’

At the top of the international already the stump, and the owner of the channel, joked about the situation: “Oh, guys, if you took Izabel Goulart the stump, I‘”.

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Among other revelations, the wife of footballer Kevin Trapp, tells what you like to cook for friends, I love to cook, to eat on their own. And you must be jealous, but he never gave up the attack on the public: “I have never, never, never, never. At home, I had a fit of jealousy, but in public. I never came down from the jump“She said.

Here is the video:

web-page https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d97TU8LV-QY(/embed)

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