Jennifer Lawrence is acting in a new movie, Lila Neugebauer


Jennifer Lawrence is the Lila Neugebauer - playback/Instagram are acting in the new movie

Jennifer Lawrence has come back to film the new drama will be directed by Lila Neugebauer films, the Wrap according to the American Website, made by IAC.

According to the publication, the actress’s 28-year-old is the main character of the drama is written, without title, of Elizabeth Sanders.

The star of Oscar-winner is also one of the producers on the project along with Scott Rudin, Eli Bush, and for the first time polský had.

The film is scheduled to start filming in New Orleans in a couple of months.

The latest Version of Lawrence in the film, was the Red Sparrow-in the year 2018.

It debuted in June of this year, also appears in the film, the Dark Phoenix, from the side, Sophie Turner and James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender,.