Jennifer Lawrence was the inspiration for the Batman on the CW


Usually, on the Executive of the cast for the TV series, the producers and Directors on the use of the star as a “prototype” to find out the actors and Actresses in their productions – from the budget to a more modest one.

In a report in Entertainment Weekly, casting Director, David Rapaport, spoke about the process, a line-up of the line-up for Melissa Benoist in the Batman and the star of the prototype was none other than Jennifer Lawrence.
“There is a quality that opens up in the Jennifer Lawrence is nothing. It can be identified. I know Melissa Benoist and your encapsulava all of these qualities that we were looking for a Supergirl”, Rapaport.
For the current year of Batman, what with the emergence of a new, watchful eyes, the help, the heroine of the series, in their quest to fight against the spirit of the program, all hunters in the country.
In the season 4 finale of the Batman, is in the books for the cable-tv Studio. For the first three seasons are available in Netflix.
Batman has already been renewed for a fifth season.

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