Katy Perry shows the current status of her friendship with Taylor Swift


What there is still some resentment between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry?

Recently, the judge of American Idol she spoke about the current status of your friendship with the singer Lover in a sincere interview with the magazine Stellar. “We have a very close relationship, because we are very busy,” says Perry, “but we send a lot of e-text”.

Besides the fact that both schedules, the demanding, the singer of 35 years, explained that he was particularly “important” for you to be part of the music video of You Need to Calm Down from Swift. Fans will recall the dynamic duo wore costumes, burgers and fries, to confirm their enmity, had just finished completely to cuddle and be reconciled in the video.

“Although it was difficult, it was important that these appear in the music video, because people want people to look up to,” Perry said in the release. “We wanted to make an example of the unit”.

She added, “forgiveness is important. It is so powerful. If you forgive your enemy, it is incredible. Alas, as hard as it is!”

It is clear that the two are grown, and Perry himself praised Swift extremely sincere and honest in their documentary from Netflix, Miss Americana. “I was really excited that she was able to show, you don’t have to be in the world: that things are perfect, and it is not nice when you are”.

Last year the singers are from Roar Ellen DeGeneres said that the drama of it, and Swift was just a “misunderstanding”. Both aside and decided that it was time to make things.

“In reality, it was just a misunderstanding, but we have groups that large, people you like, follow us so that they, too, began to turn, the one against the other,” he said The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“Then we will begin to see us and I walked over to her and said, ‘Hey, how you doing?'”, he said, as slowly, they began to reconcile and their friendship. “It’s like we have a lot in common. Probably only 10 people in the world, the same things in common. I thought, ‘Really, we should be friends, therefore, and share our strengths, weaknesses and challenges. To overcome we can help each other, many things.”

And added, “Because it is not as easy as it sometimes”.