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Mau and Ricky Montaner, one of the duos most important moment of the reggaeton and even though he always because of his music, recently, one of them had some snapshots in addition to J Balvin, by the laughter of the whole world.

In the pictures, both singers appear, confirmed embrace and J Balvin suspected a kiss next to the son of Ricardo Montaner, far away from the cause of the dispute, the affection of their followers, that they love to see the friendship that have made it to this point in time.

“Joseph and Ricky. The new duo sense … Sorry Mau, but he is known for,” reads one at the foot of the pictures, which managed more than 400 thousand ‘I like you’ and thousands of comments, in this moment.

Prior to publication, and the thousands of comments to shared J Balvin decided to comment on the time with funny emojis, which you left behind, discovers the complicity between the singer in the genre of urban.

Ricky and J Balvin

J Balvin premiere of their album ‘colours’, where he confirmed her talent for creating topics, which can not only dance but also create a change in the society in which we live, and without a doubt, in the course of time, the love of the audience has won.


Mau & Ricky, and gave it a couple of weeks ago, the topic of “What would you Say?” with over 7 million views, and more.


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