Magaly TV, fixed: Maria Pia Copello comes the program of Magaly Medina, in his dress of Jennifer Lopez | video | Shows


Maria Pia Copello made his appearance on the set of Magaly TV, fixed to the surprise of his opponent. And is that upon receipt of the strictest criticism of the dress used on the prices, What is Our 2020 exconductora is It war decided to show the same look in the encounter with Rodrigo González and the journalist.

Even though I had announced his presence on the program, the personality of the Youtube he suddenly appeared on the red carpet of the channel, while the popular “Peluchín’, and Magaly Medina, the language of suits, the use the artists of the Peruvians of the interior, in the said event.

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“There’s a lot of envy came of ‘if what JLo did not so may, Maria Pia,'” said the influencer in the defense of their friend, and by reference to the comment by Monica Cabrejos.

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“Look you, who comes, with everything, and dress (…) so close that we will be in the vicinity, said the dress of Jennifer Lopez”, Rodrigo González, during Maria Pia Copello I went to the set.

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Magaly TV, fixed, and Maria Pia Copello, Magaly Medina

The exfigura American television, and received praise from Magaly Medina and expresentador of Oh, my, they emphasized her figure and her tonificadas legs.

“I am very happy about the invitation. I’m happy to be through with two friends, who are more United than ever before,” said the exanimadora child to the enmity, the staged ‘Peluchín’ and the reporter of ATV a few months ago.

Magaly TV, The epic duel between freestyle Magaly Medina and Rodrigo González ‘Peluchín’

Magaly Medina received a Rodrigo González ‘Peluchín‘in your program Magaly TV: the firm, and had no better idea, close the exit of gala duo plays to its already well-known “duel-freestyle” with rhymes for the emotions of his followers.

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The journalist Magaly Medina and exconductor Rodrigo González the meeting’s most anticipated tv of Peru staged the last few years, to the point that a laptop have fans of the popular “Peluchín’ on the edge of the set Magaly TV: the fixed