Meghan Markle, the secret has been entrusted, it is Salma Hayek


Salma Hayek is a woman who knows how to keep secrets. The proof of this is that Meghan Markle has entrusted it to a project with Vogue, the English, of which the Duke of Sussex, was the guest-editor.

Now that the magazine was published, finally, Salma told, as it was their first encounter with the wife of Prince Harry.

Markle has recently received rave reviews for his work as editor of this issue of Vogue uk, where she grew up, the women that inspire you the most.

The men did not want to be on the cover of a magazine, but put it on the cover of the women with whom she is identified by its ativismos.

Apparently, Salma Hayek was the only one that Markle had thought that it was okay to keep it a secret.

The actress said in an interview with CNN that he got a call from His Royal Highness, and it was a surprise when it arrives!

The editor of Vogue magazine, Edward Enninful, a close personal friend, he began to connect and made the move so surprising

“I was in the car with him, and he said, ‘Listen, I’ll have someone on the phone. You’re in a car with other people?’. I said, ‘Yes,’ and he said, “you can’t tell me to speak the name of the person with you”. To be quite honest, I thought it was a joke, it would be to play Naomi Campbell with me, but then it took a while to get the other person to talk to on the phone, and if it were presented to you,” recalls Salma.

Salma says Meghan that she has never met before, he was very friendly, caring and quiet”.

“I was very emotional. I’m thinking about it and trying to see the logic of this strange day. She stated that Los is your passion for women and what is it now. And then she says that she is doing it with Vogue uk as a guest editor, and I found it to be an article about what we are doing now, the Kering-and the women…”, said Hayek, who serves on the board of directors of the Foundation Kering, that is the fight against violence against women and girls, and works with the aid organization women for more than two decades.

“She said she was (the lid)… I’m not gonna get on the cover, I’m going to, my women, my favorite on the album, and you’re definitely not one of them. You were one of the first.’, to me, he said. I was completely shocked. They started talking about how she was watching me, and for that I … that I loved you, that you do not want to appear on the cover, she used her light to bring in the other, those who you have inspired,” says Salma.

The actress is aware that this is a week after the magazine hits the newsstands, he received another call from Meghan to thank, hold for the secret, because none of the people in the cover-did you know that you are taking pictures.

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