Miley Cyrus defended, than ever before, the him as an “arbitrarily”


The American singer was seen wrapped in many conflicts of the last months, in terms of love Miley Cyrus seems to have not lifted the head of her separation from Liam Hemsworth and then with starring kaitlynn Carter, however, now the singer has decided to take a different opportunity.

The actress from ‘Hannah Montana’ does not have a lot of luck, the relations had with your last love decided to take a vacation to rest from the media and the social networks. The negative comments, the singer has gotten, during this time, not a few were there your relationship with starring kaitlynn Carter was publicly, shortly after the divorce with the actor from ‘Thor’, what was the occasion that the people of the tachara for you.

The criticism has received, seemed to have no effect on Miley Cyrus, however the singer has exploited that has now all of the comments so hard and wanted to leave a message, and of course in social networks.

The singer was always very free and has done what it has wanted, although the step from Disney Channel ‘Hannah Montana’ that was the seems to be the beginning of his musical career, with a radical transformation of both the look as well as musically Miley Cyrus got the public to see, to see with other eyes and not to forget, this image of good girl. Since then, the singer has not stopped, no one has to say what he had to do and it always shows as it is.

With 26 years in the life of the singer of ‘Wrecking Ball’, it seems everything is stable, after their last breaks of the artists life is full of UPS and downs leads. After his long relationship with Liam Hemsworth and other relationships with women, the singer, it is back to the recording Studio to record new music, it has given the chance in love and is aware of the other person.

It seems that after so many dramas, now, the artist has to believe again in love and this time he decided to give yourself a chance with Cody Simpson. The criticism that you have received, have done, explode the singer, that she has ceased to feminist a message and clearly in social networks.

“It is very rare that people feel like the hotel staff,” from his new conquests. You go from one woman to the other, without any result, most of the time, in fact, when this happens, we call them a couple of cracks, heartbreaker, machotes… While in us women is as fresh-or hotel staff. I’m trying to survive in a world of men -when she is not with you, accompany you.” published by the singer on her Twitter account.

In addition, added that both have to criticize, adjust your schedule, because that is what they are now. So Miley Cyrus, it seems quite clear that despite what people tell you you Orient your heart once more.