New song from Katy Perry Rosalie MTV (deflagration)


The last single from Katy Perry could be the large brooch of the gala of the Mtv

The singer Katy Perry brought a new single, the target of global success. A simple, just a few expected, on these moments, and that by the end of the year, only a few of the great artists who decide to be a success, as you prefer, start the new year by trends.

However, the success is
short-term singers Katy Perry with their new song ‘Harleys in
Hawaii is a good test for what can reach the singer, in a few days.
Many argue that it would be appropriate to be in a prominent position
image of the Mtv Awards on your next gala.

Katy Perry

A gala on the
almost all of the expected performance Rosalie with the single ‘I x
you your x my, if this is now nothing for sure, but on the other side of the
prominent role, the already protagonizase Rosalie in the last year, he won numerous
praise and scored your career – might be lost.

Everything points to the fact that Katy Perry it’s a great position to sing the song in the gala. In this way, the wait for the breakthrough of the new single is that in two days the sum of money, a total of 3.5 million views and 250,000 likes. A video keeps the classic style of the singer, as the absolute protagonist of the short film.


The first of a few simple, provided Katy Perry

It is expected that the song ‘Harleys in Hawaii” is the first of a series of simple first stage, which will come on the new album Katy Perry. This is the reason that his fans are waiting for anything that may arise in the social profiles of the singer.

All of this, because the last singles your profile of Instagram and social networks, have in the centre of the largest dissemination of new works. Katy Perry is get for work as a in the list of the listen to most often, and their first single has made it clear that they are well on the way.