Only a Thong, Geisy Arruda, below, is a


Geisy Arruda PHOTO: playback/Instagram)

The Model Geisy Arruda he decided to share a series of photos of bold and his followers. In the image, the famous that it is on the show Your clicks are coming from a hotit caused euphoria in the first call of the card as well as on the bottom.

To do “five tardee gataaa the show nosssaaa”“one of them said. “Your mouth is full of water he stressed to the other. “you’re the light, you fogoooo much fogoooo”the faith of the other. “No one sends in rapa”another follower said.

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You, Geisy Arruda, see shows, that she lost her virginity at the age of 13 years

Recently, in an interview Kid Bengalathe famous only, you with your questions. In this regard, The child has come up to, to show you his penis for Geisy, which gave us a beautiful view on the size of the ‘bengalão’.

It is worth mentioning that the meeting was the most famous occurred in the the headquarters of the Brazilian porn moviesin the The Casa das Brasileirinhas. In this way, the two languages have a lot about sex and fetishes.