Photos of Izabel Goulart proves that she is worthy of the muse of the Cup in 2018


The model gives a demonstration of the beauty and kindness on the day of the games with the clicks look great on Instagram

On the day of the game Brazilthe Instagram is a sea of green and yellow. All over the world post pictures to support the team in the The fifa World cup 2018in Russia, the chosen look for the watch in the first place. While Neymar and company to give her a card on the field, who steals the scene in the social network at the top of the paulista Izabel Goulartby many to be the real muse for the competition.

The model lives in Paris, France,, and you will always be the visual root care for the team. In the fight against the Mexico for the second round on Monday (02), it has the time directly from Capri (Italy), where he is on vacation. The purpose of the trip something very special: Iza, resting on the side of the lover, and the keeper is Kevin Trappwho plays in Germany, and he was knocked out of the world cup in the first round.

And that’s not all for the larder, which supports you in Brazil it is not! At the summit, it is also the test game against Germany in March of this year, the game was played in their country of origin and in the time of his great love. In the legend, Iza, commenting on the rivalry: “Can handle me!!!!! On one side of my country, and my friends, on the other, my love.” But the sport brings us together! What really matters is that we are all in this together.”

Without save money on the beauty, and the little flags on the T-shirt, and even in the bikini with the colors of Brazil, the model is the star of our season. For more photos, please see:

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