Rihanna is the reason for the difficult relationship between Drake and Chris Brown


If there is something that connects the rapper Drake and Chris Brownin addition to a song, and a strong fight to his beginnings in Hollywood, Rihanna. Both of the couple in the pop singer and the most famous in the history, but in contrast to the stormy relationship between Brown and were Rihannaended with a quarrel at home and the arrest of the rapper, the the history between Drake and the singer has never been overcome by any kind of problem in the marriage, a few more couples that wanted to get into the world of music, until he in the year 2016.

Although both rappers have shared the stage on more than one occasion, and have Not been published recently, which seems Guiadance, it is that Drake was not finished, and feel close to your companion. What is the reason? His great friendship with Rihanna. As well, explains Drake in the podcast American Rap Radar, every time you try to make music together, forming a kind of feeling forced, and with a large grudge, the we against the other’.

“You know, at the end of the day, if you get away from him, and, if you everything you’re starting to feel like a fool, because everything revolves around the problem with a girl”, explains to Drake in terms of how this tension between them is due to shared, both having an affair with Rihanna. in view of the damage, the Brown, the singer made, if you your partner, it’s no wonder that Drake have felt the rapper: “this is Obviously a fault, all of this could end up getting a real shit, and what has ceased to happen in our situation”.

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And without Rihanna appoints, Drake noticed that the person I was in the middle of them not part of your life today, but has a great love and respect for you and thinks of you as one of his family’.

In addition, finished explaining that in a time of hesitation, came the question, whether, should work with Chris because I didn’t want Rihanna get the impression that she was disrespectful, even though he believed that the pop star I would have you zanjasen the topic before you continue with the dispute as to what Drake took the collaboration with Chris Brown. You go, you go… it makes us think, if it was more than a dispute between the rappers, which during the production of his cooperation.