Salma Hayek reveals the unique gift that you won the mother’s day


Salma Hayek reveals the unique gift that you won, the reproduction/Instagram/@salmahayek

In France, mother’s day is celebrated on the last Sunday of the month of may, and Salma Hayek shared on his Instagram on the unique and the unexpected, which he received from his family, to commemorate the day.

Salma won it in a glass dome, filled with images that are important to her, it was all in miniature.

The inside of the glass, you can use the images in your film ” Frida, which earned her an Oscar, photos of her daughter Valentina and husband Francois-Henri Pinault, photo, family, the care of children. A picture of his first meeting with Pope Francis, as well as images of the virgin of Guadalupe

“I don’t think that my family gave me a gift unique and personal for the mother’s day in France.”, he wrote, showing a photo of an object for the home.

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