Scarlett Johansson shows how the separation in real-life, it helped the character in the story of a marriage


Scarlett Johansson was able to put his name among the stars, glittering in the world. At the age of 13, in played you The Horse WhispererRobert Redford, the film that opened the door to the movie theater for a little girl with blond hair, expressive eyes, the arrebataria to the public at the age of 19 years old, in the Similarities and differencesby Sofia Coppolla.

There are more than two decades devoted to the art, in addition to acting, she has also released two albums as a singer, but never try to run away from the label, the muse to the press, and the society on her, and that she “gives” to their characters, like Black Widow in the franchise The avengers in the Marvel universe. In fact, it was not the first choice for the role, the popular your. That’s right, Scarlett turned just, the Black widow, because in the UK Emily Blunt has given up her always.

In the last edition of the Venice film festival, Scarlett Johansson, has released a film that you should give in to his first nomination at the academy awards: The story of a marriage (A Different Story), Noah Baumbach (Francis Ha). The film was shown in the cinema, the American, already made his debut on the streaming, and leads the Golden-Globe-nominations – six-including ” best actress for Scarlett’s, and for best actor for his scene-Adam-driver – both of which are favorites.

In the story she plays the role of an actress Nicole, who is married to the Director for his theatre company (the driver). You live in New York city, and if you have a child, but the marriage has come to an end, and divorce is inevitable. The few attempts to end the relationship, in a friendship kind of way, but Nicole wants to move to Los Angeles and the child, who goes on a series of run-ins.

The dialogues are very realistic, makes the film very moving, and Scarlett Johansson, who does not hide that he took his personal experience with the character during the filming of The story of a marriage She was divorced from journalist Romain Dauriac, her second husband, but the actress was also married to actor Ryan Reynolds.

“I wanted to split, then it is obvious that I had my own point of view on the subject. “We wanted to build something that would come from a real place, so me and Nathan talked a lot about not only our own personal experiences with the divorce, but about all kinds of intimate relationships. We are a family, from our parents, from our novels-in the past. Nicole: it is a mixture of all these things,” he said in an interview for the Venice film Festival.

Scarlett told me that she has determined in the first instance, the writer and Director Noah Baumbach, that it is not the role would accept to see just because it is easy, the separation. But that is what he is, that he had accepted to do the film. “The experience was cathartic,” he says.

Although the production is much more generous with the character of Adam Driver – is lit, the separation, from his point of view, living in a kind of alterego in the Noah Baumbach – Scarlett. “The film has a lot of questions. The fact that Nicole, an actress, it was great, because it’s an area that I know of. It has the dynamics of a family, which I think is very interesting. And the fact to feel that the character is in combat, legitimate as an actress, this is it, what unites and what separates you from your husband.”


The 35-year-old, twice nominated for the SAG (Screen Actors Guild), the price of the syndicate, the actor who is wearing it, as a co-adjuvant for Well With The Real Worldanother favorite film at the academy awards – Scarlett Johansson is a great moment living in the time. In may 2020, with the premiere of the film land of the Black widow, but until then, it should be included in the list of the best this year, thanks to its lively, Nicole de The story of a marriage. The page is worth it. I wonder what she has learned from the separation of the real and that her character in the film. “I’ve learned that healthy relationships require a great deal of compassion. This is the secret ingredient,” she adds.