Selena Gomez debuts “Feel Me”, new single dedicated to their fans | VIDEO nndc music


Selena Gomez just to surprise everyone, his followers around the world due to the release of their new theme of “Feel Me” in all digital platforms.

“On the tour Revival, then I have a song for that have not stopped since. So, you have asked, and I heard today is ‘Feel Me’ is available online and on vinyl in all directions”wrote in to your account Instagram the artist.

The publication Selena Gomez more than a million hits on YouTube.

The letter talks about a relationship that fails , and has been presented live during the tour Revival in the year 2015.

The new theme Selena Gomez it would be a message to your exparejas. “No one loves you like I love you, I never cheat, never lie. Never someone about you, I love your space and time”part of the letter says.

Some of his followers in the social networks show that the subject had in connection with the relationship Gomez with the Canadians Justin Bieber.