Selena Gomez shows that he suffered ’emotional abuse’ by Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber has just released a new long-awaited documentary Seasons. A project in which the canadian singer ‘opens’ his followers, and some of the hardest-is available to the public stages in your life, the depression, the through them, or the treatment for lyme disease, among other personal problems. Coinciding with the introduction of the name of his ex Selena Gomez again, relevance levy, as for the first time she has been rather open about their complicated history with the singer Love Yourself.

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Selena, who showed previously to speak in a hesitant, your media relationship with your former spouse, and all psychological problems to cope with during the time he is on the side of Justin, has revealed podcast, a well-known journalist in the UK National Public Radio the “abuse” that he suffered, in addition to Justin Bieber. “I feel that I am not the victim of some abuse. I think it is something that I needed to internalize it as an adult. So much that you don’t want to spend to talk to the rest of my life about I’m really proud to say, I feel stronger and I found the way to overcome it,” explains Selena.

This amazing revelation has taken place, while the two women were talking by one of the last hits for the singer, Lots of you to love me – I had to lose in order to love me. A theme that the artist he composed after his break with the Canadians, the resilient song is dedicated to. “I feel that I have a suitable offer in the relationship and break and even though I had assumed, somehow, I needed to say a couple of things that I would have liked to have said,” says Selena, is that you in your song phrases such as “in two months we have reemplazaste”, “I bless you in all the works of the world says, and I threw myself completely on” or “I have first, and loved you”.

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Although Selena makes sure, that the reason that he was not the subject of damage to Justin for recriminarle nothing, because furthermore, they claimed that there was “something beautiful and never deny’d there were”, the singer can’t deny that he suffered a strong disappointment emotionally, but now realizes that he is glad that he is glad that his story is complete.

On the other hand, Selena also wanted to do, has publicly his admiration for her colleague Demi Lovato, who this week returned to the stage, singing the theme, that he days before the the risk of overdose, which kept them away from the public life, during a long season. “I would be happy to describe it, as you are, and how beautiful and inspiring that was your appearance at the Grammys. Demi, I’m proud of you. Thank you for your bravery and courage”said the artist to his girlfriend, who also has suffered, important problems and relapse of emotional problems in the last few years.