Selena Gomez throws up a brand of make-up


The release of their last album, Rarein the past 10. January, is back Selena Gomez in the center of the focus of the media, something that the singer used to prove that the things more clearly than ever before. To occupy after a season with their official agenda, in the pause, in the course of the last month of the artist has not ceased, holders: of the new additions his extensive collection of tattoos to your statements on what looks to be a man, Selena is back in the news. And although everything points to the fact an obviously personal development the pop star, the thing that caught his pendant is a surprise is that in a sense had big plans for growth in the professional field. The artist revolutionized the networks if they went just a few hours ago, in your social profile, to announce that in the next summer, his own line starts from make-up, which is called Rare Beauty in line with the title of their last album.

selena gomez

Last summer, the singer as he advance, that he in such a project you register your name as a brand, the comercializaría with products such as fragrances, cosmetics, preparations, bathroom preparations for the care of the body or the skinamong other things, but it was not until now that Selena put the details of your project. Through a short video that comes out in the various stages of the process, the examination of the products of the singer has told, that the company he works for two years available in Sephora in North America, starting in the summer of launches at the global level in the next year.

Although Rare Beauty already has a profile in a social network and a web-page, it is not known the exact date in which the sale or as they are exactly the cosmetics that are offered. What has assured the artist is your dedication to the authenticity of the recordinga line of the other celebrities were, the how deep in the world of beauty, Rihanna with Fenty Beauty. “This is not just a brand. A life style will be. I want boys and girls, men and women feel comfortable“said Selena in a live video, in which he explained the concept of the project. “Rare Beauty to be enjoyed, is something very special. We don’t need to no one, we need to on ourselves”.


The name of the company, Rare provided that a Declaration of the intentions, Selena follows Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner and immersing in the universe beauty with a clear message: love yourself. With quotes such as “Don’t you define a photo like or a comment”or statements like that today, people feel trapped by unrealistic expectations, the line of make-up seems to be the artist, inspired by their own songs, and promote a sense of participation and acceptance among his followers.