Taylor Swift is sold in the world


The American singer Taylor Swift reached the number-one best-selling world Cup in 2019, in accordance with the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI).

In a press release, IFPI, the appointment of Swift as the artist with more success in sales worldwide, and award achieved for the second time, after you receive it in 2014.

The singer published in august of last year his album Loverdebuted as number one in more than ten countries, including Spain, and sold three million units in the first week since its release.

The Director of IFPI, Frances Moore, and he, Swift as a “perfect example of a real star in the world”.

Moore added that the us-American artist to grow, “” and “to establish a connection with your fans at the same time, that evolves with each album”.

As number two of the ranking list, the Association distributed annually to the Briton Ed Sheeran, who has two more times appeared in the list, and this time the success is Not gathering with his album”. 6 Collaborations Project”.

In the top 10, the new artists, such as classical music, are also Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Queen or The Beatles, among others.