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Geysi Arruda posted a day on 2/11 on Instagram with a photo for the ages in the 10 years he spent at the University of in the investigation, for the sake of a short dress in the color pink. Of course, this is an episode that is very unpleasant in your life.

But that does not allow the muse that loves to controversial statements wherever he goes, and has recently assumed his homosexuality, and yet they tend to use the same style of dress she made famous in the turbulent episode for the University, we will see some of the pictures of the muse Geisy Arruda if you find it?

A clear difference in the before-and-after-the-Geisy Arruda

In the result, he was againand the appearance of the Geisy Arruda also, it is remarkable to see the changes in the body, and the face of an ex-college student. In an interview in the year 2018 to Marie Claire magazine, Geisy Arruda he has already spent more than 400 mil on the plastic to have the perfect body.

The picture on the Instagram of Geisy Arruda
The picture on the Instagram of Geisy Arruda

In only a thigh-he more than 90 thousand to be spent in Brazilian reais, in addition to have done it, he lay down silicone in their Breasts, and made it an Operation in the vicinity. Geisy Arruda he says it is not a problem, talk about plastic surgery and plastic that you have made.

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Recently Geisy Arruda was bisexualand he said that he is open to dating both men and women. Always controversial, he had a courtship of lightning in the model Manual Alves on a trip to Cancun.

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Geisy Arruda much has changed in the last 10 years, both in the look and feel of a girl’s sweet and simple, as well as the attitude of the controversy, in which they are located. Geisy has the The reality of the Farm in 2009, on the rede Record tvand at that time it seemed to be this innocent girl in the pink dress.

You said at the time that he took you to the farm, he was very much hurt, for the people, they thought, due to the fact that the the episode happened at the University ofShe said that it was detailed inside and out by the other participants, and if it was today, would things be very different. We are going to wait to come back to participate in the Reality show The Farm.

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