The daughter of Kelly Key, is betrayed by the clothing, and ends, from the that it


Suzanna Freitas
The daughter of Kelly Key, is betrayed by the clothing, and ends up not showing what it’s supposed to (image playback / Instagram)

The daughter of a singer Kelly Key, Suzanna Freitas it is in that talk over the internet. The reason for so many of the burburinhos? In a photo posted on the famous social network.

The data set in question, the strengthening of the digital wave sensualizando on the edge of the pool, wearing a kind of dress on the beach.

She was with her buttocks partially exposed in the picture, also, because of this detail, and ended up getting some comments from his followers.

“A body is a body, and a raba, it is a raba”he wrote an internet user. “It popô is it? The DNA of the first…”he said to the other.

“Eitaaaa that you will need for the porr*”, a fan said. “The owner of the body is the most beautiful of Brazil.”She noticed that a fourth party. Check it out below!

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Suzanna Freitas admits to sleeping with her boyfriend

The daughter of singer Kelly Key, by strengthening the digital Suzanna Freitas, it seems, not to think, as soon as the altar.

In an interview with the magazine, WHO the young woman is confirmed that she married in spite of a life of almost, not in a hurry to officially announced their Association to register with the main character, Gabriel Simões.

“It’s all a process, it is enough to all the things. I’m just finishing up my course now. I still have a life”he said.

“We are together to sleep, I sleep in his house, and he sleeps in my house. We have a lot of cool. But I don’t think this is to bring why do we need. It all on your own time. This is not the time”, he said.

To said talking about his or her independence, Suzanna, me, that, though he still lived with her mother, who has her own income. “I’m old, live with my mother, but I earned my money”, he said.

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