The electricity bill is going to be more on the cheap in March


The green flag indicates conditions are favorable for the production of energy that is easy.

The flag of the tariff for the electric energy, which is in February, after 2020, the green, and without cost to the consumer. According to the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), should the drive in the forecast, more positive than the precipitation in the regions in which they in the main reservoirs of the hydropower plants of the National interconnected system (SIN). It is expected that as a result of the restoration, the more intense the Shop during the month of February.

This condition is more favorable, leading to an increase in the production of power plants and their relative involvement in the care of the energy needs for the SIN. In this way, the need can reduce to drive in the park, local, which, in turn, contributes to a reduction in electricity prices in the short-term market (PLD), and the costs in connection with the risk of hydrology (GSF). In the PLD, and the SFM are the two most important variables are the color of the flag determine be increased.

Created by the agency (Aneel), the system marks the rate signal, the true cost of the energy produced, so that consumers with electric energy. The operation of the flags, the fare is simple, the colors green, yellow, or red in levels 1 and 2) show that the energy cost more, or less, depending on the conditions of the new generation.

With all the flags, the light, it became more and more transparent, and consumers have the best information to use, the more energy-efficiently, effectively, and without waste.

Also with the firing of the green flag, it is important for consumers to keep up, to avoid the measures in relation to the responsible handling of energy and waste.