The Eternal | Salma Hayek is in the location, the Integration of the cast of the film, the Marvel comics


In accordance with The Page, Salma Hayek is the number of The Eternal new movie Marvel comics. Yet there are no details about what role she would.

Created in 1976, the gods are a race of super-humans created by the alien Celestials, in his visit on earth. However, at the same time, you have developed, and the genetic experiments of the Divine gave rise to the Deviant-a-kind-of-in the face of the corrupt, of his first creations.

Among the characters seen in the film, that has something to do with those races, the highlights are, in the Comics the son of a couple from the forever-and it carries the genes for Deviant.

The film-maker Chloé Zhao Controls of the production, of written Matthew and Ryan Firpo responsible for Bad voted one of the best screenplays of the year 2017. Still, there are not many details about the story, but it was previously reported that the story presented is a story of the love of God, and the Eternal, Sersi, and Ikaris, in the comic books Jack Kirby.

Angelina Jolie, it was already confirmed in the cast of characters, and Richard Madden the Robb Stark of the Game of Thrones interpret in the meetings with the Ikaris. They are also listed for the film Luke Evans and Kumail Nanjiani.