The mother of Brad Pitt, and called to confront Angelina Jolie in person and make it clear that it is a ‘team’ with Jennifer Aniston – hints – Glamurama


Jane Etta Pitt, with his son and ex-daughter-in-law || Credits: Play

The woman that pays in pain from head to Pitt this point is, whether you believe it or not, the mother of the actress, Jane Etta Pitt. The reason why? The mother of the bees, the don’t happen, how his son was treated in public by the last ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, and in recent years he was particularly irritated by a rumor that you are thinking, you move on to a brief in the United States in another country, far, far away from there, the focus is on the United Kingdom.

So it is that in the time of their settlement in the courts in April, when I finally put an end to the process of divorce is entered in court for almost three years, Jolie and Pitt have agreed that none of the two changes in the final of the Los Angeles area, until all the heirs were to pass, the over the age of 18 years, as they are now in the fall on the left side of the group, and you need to be in the vicinity of each other.

And that was the return of the ZIP-code from the moment of the season finale, the spitting, the owner, Jane, lives in the North-West, in the U.S. State of Oklahoma, fire. So much So that she cried on Board the first aircraft, only to meet with the ex-daughter-in-law, in a tête-à-tête, it would certainly be epic, but it was averted by the efforts of the Mall. You may want to point out that Jane continues to be a fan of Jennifer Aniston’s first ex-wife of Pitt, and he still keeps in contact with the actress. (For The Anderson’s market)