The triumphal entry from Beyonce at the Golden globes


Beyoncé knows how to have a great appearance and it has been shown that this Sunday the prices Golden globes 2020. The world star of the red carpet of the gala and shows, according to the journal Variety she came together with her husband Jay-Z an hour later, and by the back door.

Although it is likely that the singer tried to go unnoticed – the other guests there had the eyes fixed on the stage, Kate McKinnon price Carol Burnett was with the state – they could not do eye escape on the social networks, the information in the mass of the entry into jerusalem, and not collected, as they would have photo shootthe styling chosen by the singer.

The artist Single Ladies chose to the opportunity to make a stunning dress in the mermaid style, gold up to the waist and with two large puffed sleeves like halas. The skirt is in black and the waist fit perfectly to the curves of the singer who decided to wear her long hair loose and easy.

A styling is not very good, to share his followers in the networks, hesitate to praise, ad nauseam. However, apart from its styling, Beyoncé, award ceremony, by a person other detail is remembered in this gala for the price. And is that, if you are late to a party, at least do it not with empty hands.

On a picture of the arrival of the couple at the table at the Golden globes, you can see how your segurata brings them into the hand of two bottles with the gold champagne. And as this holiday of luxury and prominent hollywoodienses more that a host, the stars are the guests, it seems that Beyoncé together with her husband, this is a small detail.