To know and get the pizza of choice for Marquezine, Neymar and Izabel Goulart, Paris – notes – Glamurama,


La Pizzeria di Rebellato || Credits: Play Instagram

During his time in Paris, Bruna Marquezine roteirinho smart mag with the football. The schedule of the couple is included, in addition to his appearances in a video game and two in the house of the man of the match, Paris-St English, shopping hypadas the hill areas of running shoes are the same, the from the Through – and a lot of candlelight. Among the restaurants are chosen by Brumar, La Pizzeria di Rebellato is among the favorites. Conveniently close to the Arc de triomphe, the street is the second address of the world famous Italian restaurant, Rebellato.

The postal address is the first in the world. In the evening, and at the end of the week, you will find a table, it is a mission almost impossible, because the pizza is classified with fresh, seasonal, and was one of the best in all of Paris. Free, to from the diet, there were Marquezine met on the site, and consumed, in the famous “round” of Nutella. The way he looks at candy, she blamed it on a friend and role model Izabel Goulart, who lives in the city with her fiance, the england goalkeeper Kevin Trapp. “Iza, I will never forgive you for telling me about this. For the love of God, and this is for my people. Look at the coat! It is very hard to find! You have a glass of Nutella here,” said the actress in a video on Instagram. The passion was so intense that the day after The first year, and I have asked the delivery for the last round in the comfort of home.

In 2007, Olivier Rebellato, has taken over the reins of the family business after the death of his father. In 2009, He was involved in a serious car accident in the city of Belo Horizonte, and was ordered to compensate the four victims of a R$ 455 million euros. With a 20-years old at the time, he was caught red-handed and indicted by the public Prosecutor, the crimes of the street. Six months later, the justice granted a temporary Version, subject to the payment of a bail of$ 5.935,57. It is also the Pass. He left Brazil immediately. In 2014, he started another, the address of the restaurant.

La Pizzeria di Rebellato

138 rue de la Pompe
75116 Paris