To light details about his documentary to come


Taylor Swift has worked to draw hand-in-hand with the digital platform Netflix, a documentary about her personal and professional life. Prior to that, he had already worked with them in the production of an audiovisual work via ‘reputational Stadium Tour’ and the success was amazing and exceeded the expectations of the public opinion.

The documentary is called, ‘Taylor Swift: Miss Americana’collects a variety of personal experiences and important artists. However, the start had to stop because your exmanager Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta low the authorship of their songs from the first albums, so the magazine ‘Vogue quotes’ from Mexico.

Netflix disclosed in a statement, the “Miss Americana is a portrait, raw, and as a developer for one of the most innovative artists of the icons of our time during a period of his life transformer”. On the other hand, said that the next 23 January the official premiere will see new facets of Swift as a musician, a feminist, a wife and the symbol of the fashion.

In this sense, the magazine ‘Variety is reported’ that both Swift scooter and Scott try to reach an agreement also includes Netflix. While Wool Wilson listed as the head of the bandshowed that there were needed many hours behind the blonde, 30 years old, to capture its essence and to reflect in the film.

This project brings, Scooter Braun, exmanager of the diva. Because the purchase of Big Machine Records all rights spent 6 albums from Swift-your hands, so that I would have prevented the use of their own songs in the documentaryalthough at the end he handed over to an informant. Something similar happened during the presentation of the artist in the AMA’S 2019, because then I can’t sing, your themes. But, after a long struggle, the winner was.