Under the skin: the Studios vying to turn to the right, sci-fi Scarlett Johansson in the series


The rights to a series based on the Film “Under the skin” Under the skin, 2013) with Scarlett Johansson as an alien devourer of men, and they were played by the financier of the film, in the company, Silver Reel, but the studio A24, which is responsible for the production of the film.

The Director and the screenwriter, Jonathan, Maradona has been developed for the film version of ‘Under the skin’ for more than a decade ago, is loosely based on a novel of fiction, the namesake, the writer, by Michael Faber, published in the year 2000. But the company went bankrupt by the rights to the film adaptation of the market to cover their debts. Silver Reel and 24 are for transforming the premise of the film in the series, and the one who bids the highest bid is going to produce it.

The story takes place in the North of Scotland, and is an alien, traveling through the countryside and give rides to the men, with drugs and take it to a secret location, while you are naked on the screen.

Marcel Plasse

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