Wasp waist: Adele looks unrecognizable on the party Beyonce and Jay-Z | picture



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The British singer Adele, lose surprised their fans to more than 40 pounds, again they were astonished, but not all.

At the recent photo, taken at a party, organised by the singers Beyoncé and Jay-Z, the interpreter Hello, dressed in a cutaway outfit with leopard pattern, posing next to the presenter Polish Kinga Rusin.

The fans of the famous singer were influenced by the radical change of the image-and the tiny waist, the British. The photo will soon get viral in the nets and collected tens of thousands of I like and hundreds of comments.

“I hope that you recognize happy and healthy”; “now!”; “I liked the plump, well taken care of, but I think you drove with the hand”; “you were much too thin”, so were some of the comments on this photo.

Earlier, the personal trainer of Adele, Camila Goodisrevealed that the secret of Adele to lose weight is to consume a certain amount of calories per day and exercise.