what to eat in a day


What do you think of that diet Kylie Jenner? Sure to be a super-strict on the carbs, which are completely prohibited, although the Keto diet is one of the worst that anyone can follow. Well, you are wrong. The entrepreneur informed, what is your typical diet for a day and you will be surprised what is in it.

Kylie Jenner had to confess to their normal diet for a day in a video, the Bazaar shots for Harper’s, and also loves eat veganparticularly, a type of deep-Fried, it was shown that in your house it is forbidden any kind of nuts or peanuts, because the small Stormi, allergic is your birthday number two.

This is what he Kylie Jenner eats in a normal day.

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The first thing that Kylie takes after waking up is something totally unexpected. A broth made with bones -you can’t chicken or beef, but – and is a source of protein and collagen. If you do not give Breakfast in the broth, then he will be replaced by juice made from celery fresh.

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Kylie confessed that he try a fan of coffee, but their consumption can be reduced, so that, in General, a tea peach or a latte oatmeal cold with a little milk.

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Exercise Routine

You don’t believe it or not, Kylie is the that he the whole day in the gym. Or at least that’s what she said, because you are assured that you prefer to do exercise routines at home and exercise without having to leave your house.


Kylie said she doesn’t like to eat it, whatever, so that you can vary your meals. One day a chicken with lemon, rice and vegetables, another pulls out a burrito with steak or some good enchiladas or tacos, as a fan of the Mexican cuisine declared.

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If you tap on healthy food, choose, scroll salads with kale or sandwiches with lots of green. Not bad, don’t you think?


For dinner, Kylie, in General, all types of sushi and miso-soup-on the basis of a paste made of soy, or more broth, rich in collagen.

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Tastes culposos of Kylie vegan, in particular, in the flavor of barbecue or fried chilli & cheese are. If it’s not better in a glass with pomegranate. Have tried it with lemon and chilito?

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Kylie said a large bebedora of water, and in relation to consumption of alcohol, always prefer a glass of wine, a Pinot Grigio or a Corona light white lemon with a slice of.

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Your food quickly preferred

In your day-free diet, Kylie opts for a double-burger with cheese and some fries from In-n-Out service, a Hamburg-based most popular on the West coast of the United States.

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