You can now find Geisy Arruda on tinder: “do you Have the beautiful people”


Solteiríssima, and seems to be on the snow, Geisy Arruda decided to tinder on your phone. At first, he had a hard time dealing with the application of paqueras, but it just turns into “people of the beautiful,” on the network.had

In a holiday in Portugal, and Geisy, together with the Twitter accounts of your experiences with tinder. “Dude, I can’t touch this!”, started.

“I can do it on the photo of the house, and then she disappeared! The Handle. You have the file? I would avoid any nasty surprises,” joked the strengthening of the digital. After you adapt to the platform, Geisy went to enjoy.

“I think the people are very nice in the scale. John, I, where are the cameras?”, he changed it, and smile. Geisy also, if you mess up, and after the game, the don’t want to. “The boy in the picture of the kittens she has “Hello”, how can I tell him no to do it, I just wanted to see the kittens? He was not picked in the match.