A tribute to Salma Hayek and her boyfriend don’t work very well


A tribute to Salma Hayek and her boyfriend don ' T work very well - the reproduction/Instagram/@salmahayek

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The one that should be, was a tribute to his friend, the architect of the Mexican Frida Escobedo on Instagram Salma Hayek is simply, caused a wave of negative comments, the woman.

Because everything in the photo that Salma was together with her in the social network, started the fans, to make fun of the size of the foot of the.

In the picture, Salma and Frida hold hands, refers to one of the classical paintings of the artist Frida Kahlo “The two Fridas’, 1939.

But what really draw the attention of the followers were the foot Escobedo:

“And those legs, oh my God!”. “Salma, what is the number of the Shoe-The shoes?”. “The big feet!”. “It is more likely to be very high.” “Feet are pretty to look at, but a very, very large”. Among many other comments.

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