After beijaço, the husband of Alessandra Ambrosio curious ‘seems’ on the photo here


The top-model, Alessandra Ambrosioat 36 years old, was a great success where ever he goes. In the model, and the angel of the designer label “Victoria’s Secret” is one of Brazil’s most well-known for his work in the world of fashion.

Success in everything that you do, as an actor, where he gained notoriety by participating in the soap opera ‘secret truths’, on the model, collecting wins in his career.

But there is more in life than to be a star, he is successful, his personal life, “it’s going very well, thank you’.

Married since 2008, and the American businessman Jamie Mazur, 36 years old, the model is built on a solid family at his side.

They are the parents of two children, Anja Louise Ambrosio Mazur, for the 8-years old, and Noah Phoenix Ambrosio Mazur, for the last 5 years. Even if you are already married for almost 10 years, and the passion between a man and a woman do not seem to have diminished over time. And as ‘proof’ there is a photo in the controversy, which comes out and about.

On click, it is possible to see a couple in love during one of his trips, this time on the Greek island of Mykonos.

In the photo, could it users just one more among so many, where the model is displayed on the side of her husband, but that is a detail that in an unexpected way, or not, to attention and to become popular among the internet.

The image, posted on Instagram of the two of them a kind of “volume” shows in the short to Jamie, as he kisses his wife. As you might expect, the internet users piraram with the situation, and will not be tolerated in the comments of this posting.

“Look at the shorts of the guy. This kiss was very intense and in his heart,” wrote one; “I’m in you to the ground, and he is very excited,” said the other.

In addition to the presence of the husband, Alessandra Ambrosio arrives for the food on a Greek island from the side of the other members, including one with the Brazilian model Ana Beatriz Barros, who is pregnant with her first child, the fruit of their Union with the Lord. Karim El Chiaty, who is an Egyptian business man.


Another, recently came out with a “Band” of the suspect, in his pants, he was the Moderator, Mark “the Hulk”.

However, the situation around the “incident” happened, that the man is not an angel, it was comfortable, the opposite of what the husband of Alessandra. In the end, the situation with Jamie is to be explained by the fact that it is a time when ‘intimate’ with his wife, the same can not be said for Mark.

The tv presenter has been picked up, supposedly, so excited after receiving a massage from a beautician decided to take part in one of the images in your program, “the Cauldron of the Hulk’. In the video, where, Mark, was “caught” with a volume, the suspect, viralizou quickly, and the question has gained importance over the social network.

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