Alessandra Ambrosio is in a completely Nude photo in the shower with your boyfriend RedeTV!


The model took advantage of the mood for Valentine’s day

(Photo: Playback/Instagram)

The weather warmed up in the Instagram Alessandra Ambrosio, on the afternoon of Friday (14. May). The model appeared completely Nude in a photo of you in the shower at the side of the namoradoo an Italian Nicolo’ Oddito celebrate Valentine’s day.

“Happy Valentine’s,” he wrote the famous ” on the label. In the picture “hot”, and the two kiss under the rain shower. An emoji of a heart, cover the Breasts of the model.

In the comments of the fans, praising the beauty of Alessandra. “The fire,” wrote one internet user. “It casalzão,” joked another.

To check out the.

(Photo: Playback/Instagram)

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