Angelina Jolie is producing the series, to teach children, from the community news


Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie (Picture: Handout)

Known for his commitment to social causes Angelina Jolie he revealed that it produced a series of educational function, which has as its primary purpose, to teach children and young people to recognise and tackle the spread of one of the greatest challenges of the present: the Fake News.

The program, which will go to the radio station BBC World News is the most watched channel in the network in the UK, the BBC, is known as The BBC ” My world (The BBC, in My world, in a free translation). One of the demands of the show was that the program had a global scope, so that help young people in many countries around the world.

And with that, the appeal would have to be translated in 42 languages, and in addition to that of the original recording is in the English language. The program will be different: it is displayed only in the channel of the BBC, but it is also transmitted through the channel, the tv channel has it on YouTube, leading to a range much larger.

“As a mother, I am very glad that the BBC World Service will give you this step-by-step”, reported, Jolie, who also added: “It is also important for me that the campaign is comprehensive and can help connect young people from different countries and a greater awareness and understanding of the news at the international level”, as he is an actress.

The network in the UK, the BBC has come in the same order to a research that shows that children who come to consume, and access to social networking while they are still at the age of 12 years. The data also showed that the children disturb you to talk when you see old people, about their reality, and you would like to see how the children of his age group, commenting on their own reality.

“No parent can completely insulate your child from the news wrong. But it’s the best thing we can do is equip children with the tools to distinguish witnesses, the true from the false, and to encourage them to develop critical thinking skills”, Jamie Angus, the Director of the world services of the BBC commented.

The set with Angelina Jolie on BBC World News, still no date has been set for the film.