Antonio Banderas Salma Hayek has silncio held to ‘protect’ us,” from the Weinstein International


Salma Hayek has never shown, in the Antonio Banderas of the abuses of the Harvey Weinstein ‘ s submitted.

And, as you listen to the notcias, several years after the filming of “Frida”, and picked up the phone and call him, to ask him why he never told all, “I tried to protect you”.

Hayek was one of the vtimas of the once powerful producer, capable of destroying careers.

I work with the Lord. Weinstein, he has produced films in which I was, but I knew it,” said the actor, in order to learn Spanish in a telephone interview with AFP.

“When it comes to the topic of Salma, the first thing I did was call you back. I asked him, ‘why did you never say anything to me?’. You tried to protect me, to his friends, because he knew that he was very powerful, and that if she said something, and fssemos enfrent-lo, pagaramos a price too high”.

“If you don’t think this kind of thing, I would have spoken to them about the issue,” he added, without a doubt, the story of your friend.

Hayek described her career as “his johnson” in an article published in the journal of the New York Times, in which he detailed the painful production of the film, that’s why it is a indicao ao Oscar for best actress.

They have worked together on other produes such as “ballad of A gunman”, “once upon a time in Mexico” and “puss in boots”.

The escndalo career rose in October, reaching the other heavy hitters in the indstria entertainment, and what is the life for the movement, such as #MeToo and Time’s Up.

“I don’t think to blow up that should be something inaceitvel in the world of the theater, seats, no matter what it is, you can do it,” said Banderas, the 57 -.

“This abuse of a people to a point of advantage. You end had, prior to the jri-Poland”.

Professional experience in the judiciary, New York city, a case of rape and agresso. If you pleaded not guilty, and to pay for the freedom of the aps to a corn-dlares for a fiana’s.

– Picasso was not a perpetrator

During his long and successful career, Banderas has many faces, and a mscaras, like the Fox.

There is also the adorvel puss in boots from “Shrek”, Che in “Evita”, and now it was Pablo Picasso, a character made his debut on TV and caught.

And in a debate about child abuse, Banderas defends in the painter of ‘Guernica’.

“a great deal in his private life, so I understand,” she said. “The one who commits the major errors in the human female, as in the vo, in addition to the infidelity or drug abuse”.

“I do not believe that the use of the woman, but he abused you, used you as a muse in order to relieve that particular pain, abandonment and death, but I can see Picasso as a man is offensive”.

“I had the opportunity to speak with her daughter, and the j is 82 years old. To Me he said: “my father was a good man who loved me very much and I loved him very much, he was a good father. This is said while a lot of histrias, that in the case of the healing of the people who have lived”.

Picasso has be hidden places, such as all of them are people with tm,” he said.

Banderas explained that this number – “genius: Picasso,” National Geographic magazine – in the treats all in the development of the artist.

“We have tried to be fair with what you know. All of this goes away, and the fact” that from an exhaustive search.

Banderas felt very comfortable working for television, because it gave him time enough – it is a 10-captulos – to tell the story.

In the cinema, his films of Pedro Almodvar remembered with affection, who o has taken to the big screen.

Before that, it was presented in a small theatre in Madrid, the bank of the busy life of the city.

“The Theater is like a beautiful woman who loved me, and I gave it up”.

“But I’ll come back,” he says. “I bought it in a theater in my home town of Málaga”, which is now in the works and it opens in the year 2019″, with a coproduo of Broadway.”