At the age of 8 years old, she was the daughter of Alessandra Ambrosio debut was at the festival


Accompanied by a parent and a staff member of the Brazilian model, but she sang it on the side of the American musician Devendra Banhart for the Coachella music festival 2017

Anyone who is a fan of Alessandra Ambrosiohe knows that the Brazilian top model is a fan of music festivals: it is one of the highlights of the Coachella music festival is always an event that has kept been each year in the United States. It seems that the daughter of a top business man and musician, Jamie Mazur, is following in the footsteps of her mother. This Sunday (the 16th), small According To Louise he made his debut as a singer.

The little girl is only 8 years old, he was a guest of the renowned American musician Devendra Banhart for his performance on the own friend. After that, it was also accompanied by the father who played the guitar, you on the map. “To my angel, and destroyed at the Coachella music festival!“ writes Alessandra to share Ambrosio on Instagram, a video of your presentation. At:

On Instagram, many fans of the model of praise were to be full for the musical abilities of a young girl: “She has a beautiful voice!“ he wrote to a follower. “This is awesome!! It seems that you are redirected to your, Stevie Nicks, and Vice versa! Awesome, just awesome“ picked up a boy, in relation to the lead singer of the American band Fleetwood Mac. To see more click:

Alessandra Ambrosio and Jamie Mazur have been together since 2008 and also year, the parents of little Noah, 4.

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