Beyonce crashes the internet with two dresses, a high impact resistance and a bag viral


Beyoncé has something worth missing lately, and for more than a month of silence in networks, but, without a doubt, his fans has to wait. This weekend, the artist has shared a total of 14 photographs posed, the excellent so sexy and powerful as always your last two lookazos party. Springs, applications, films, flowers, corsets, and accessories, all of which is not less striking are the protagonists of these groups, have left us amazed, to the point that 6 publications summed up (at the moment) more than 16 million ‘likes’.

On Saturday she visited her husband at the gala, organised by the Foundation Shawn Carter in Hollywood, an appointment was a naked dress the conjured her comentadísima choice at the Met Gala in 2015. It was a piece from Roberto Cavalli is made of soft tailor-made for her sandals, metal bracelet around the ankle.