Black widow: Woody Allen, marriage, and money: the true confessions of age of Scarlett Johansson culture


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Scarlett Johansson arrived at the age of 35 years, and have many stories to tell. Despite being a public figure, since he was a child (their first work from the year 1994, when he was only 10 years old), it is not very often, I’ve heard you talk about your personal life, your relationships, your friendships, your loves, and your disappointments. However, on the occasion of this anniversary, as round, and the launch of the much awaited film The story of a marriageit was decided, in an interview with the North American edition of the Vanity Fair in which he reflects on some of the personal aspects of your life.

Among the issues raised by the interpretation of Similarities and differences and On Match Point They are in their marriages. “When I got married the first time, I was 23 years old,” he reflects on his marriage with actor Ryan Reynolds, is already under the same roof and in the period between 2008 and 2010. “I don’t really understand what it was to be married. I think that in some way, and I gave it a very romantic feeling. Now, that is a different question, but in my whole life. I feel that my place in the world, capable to take decisions and to act. I think I’m more in the present than in the past,” he explains on his way to take on romantic relationships. After two weddings in two years, the duration of each of the a, Ap, announced in may, with the comedian from the North American Colin Jost.

“I like the idea of a family, the build it and work on it. I think it would be great, I’ve always wanted to change. I also wanted to this father at my wedding with my daughter. It was not the right person, but I like the idea,” says the star of North America, refers to Romain Dauriac.

In fact, it is this maturity in the face of separation, helped her get the role in his new film, as he says in the same interview with Director Noah Baumbach. “The first thing, Scarlett said to me was: ‘I’m going through a divorce.'” The actor that gives life to the world-famous The Black Widow in the Marvel comics, was a distraction from the Dauriac, with whom she had her only child, daughter Rose Dorothy. Followed by the beginning of the year 2017, the announced pair, the Pause, after two years in the union, the nearly 12 months of legal dispute.

But not to say in a conversation with the actress, and seems to be the truth, only about a total romantic. She also talks about her relationship with Woody Allen, who participated, in September, when he said, ” that you believe in him, and that he would be United with him once again, something that brought him a flood of criticism. “I’m not diplomatic, and I can’t tell a lie feel how I am about certain things,” he said. “I didn’t do for you. It is not part of my personality. I don’t want to edit it or to moderate what you say or think. I can not this way of life, I am not like. I also think that if you have this kind of integrity, probably some people are upset. It is a part of how it all works, I think.”

Do not hesitate to be direct when speaking about the film Director. “It is part of the experience. I do not know the things that you and the others, it’s just that I have a very close proximity to Woody. He is my friend. But I don’t have the understanding of what my personal relationship with him,” he said.

The other controversy, the Ap ” it is no doubt the face is on the movie It Is A Rub & Tug. In the mid-2018 at the earliest, it was learned that he had been offered a role in a movie, would artist, Dante’s, Tex’s Grill restaurant, a character, sexual orientation is based on a man who, back in the 70 ‘s and 80’ s, and went to various houses of prostitution. The criticism is VALID, such that, in the end, he decided to give the acting in the film.

I was in the wrong, he, at the time, and now, he explains. “In retrospect, I may have engaged poorly with the situation. My first reaction was that it is not responding. I was not aware of how the transgender community feels, how he sees the actor cisgêneros work as a transgender. It wasn’t, because in this conversation, I didn’t know. I’ve learned a lot during the whole process, I believed it was wrong. It was hard, like a storm of wind. I felt really bad. You feel that you don’t have a sensitivity to something that is pleasant.”

Johansson is not embarrassed to talk about money. In August, it was learned, again, that she was to be crowned, as the actress the best paid in the world. “The truth is, I don’t know …”, she says, about how you feel about this title. “It seems to Me somewhat strange, in a funny way. If you say it, I think it is an amazing thing, as if that was not true,” he says, and laughs in the face of the prospective employer.” But it is not, it is not true, it is a bad thing, it’s awesome!”, laugh goes on and on. “It’s great, because it gives me the opportunity to not feel obligated to work constantly. I have the time. I don’t have a job, because they do support, like basically everyone in the industry, you have to…. I know how it works, it’s great. It is a luxury, a big luxury.”