Brie Larson shows to the Board that he has received from Jennifer Lawrence after winning a academy award


Brie Larson he won Oscar Best actress in rio in 2016 due to her role in the film In the room with Jack and, in an interview with the magazine InStyleShe revealed the advice that his friend, the Jennifer Lawrencegave in the morning.

And I said, ” I feel different. I don’t feel good about myself. I still feel like I’m a good actress“said Larson. “And she said, ‘Oh, Yes. This is completely normal. I felt this way also. Don’t think of it that way. You, what you have achieved in your phd superior program. They are certified; that’s it. It changes nothing. You can even fud** * * with all the All judges are only human’“. A very wise woman!

Brie took the opportunity to tell you a little bit about your new film, Captain Marvelin which she plays the role of a super hero.

It is not an excuse for you to do the same“She said about her character. “And I feel that this is something that is very valuable, because she has flaws and makes many mistakes… and then you have to make amends for you“he said. “It will never subside“.

This film proved to be the biggest and best opportunity I could have“added the actress. “Because it can be a form of activism, in a film that goes out into the world and make a success of it in places I can not go, physically“.

Larson claims that he also received advice from the Chris Evanswho plays spider-man, how to deal with the pressure of a main role in a film with a big budget. He said to Larson that she saw all the backlash that his film was as if it “goes with the other person“.

As a result, now she says that she looks for products that were created for the gameand I do not think think: “Hey, that’s me!’. I’m like, ‘wow, this is weird’“.