Comes to 2018! You can find out where the famous ” pass in the beginning of the year


Brazil is huge, and the celebrations of the new year in places thanks to the rest that are scattered throughout the country. In the middle of so many options, and the famous have already decided where to go, and many of them are going to find themselves in places like Fernando de Noronha, state of Pernambuco, and in the Big Bar, in the Brazilian state of Bahia.

Check out all the places you can get the famous:

Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil.: The couple, Bruno Gagliasso e Giovana Ewbank will be the turn of the arquipélogo. As well as Bruna Marquezine, Hugo, Glosso, Fernanda Paes Leme, Fabipula birth, and Mr. Robbins.

The Pousada Zé Maria, you will receive a five-day festival. It all starts at the 28. December, the “Corona sunsets and the sunset to the sounds of the top Dj’s in the country, and that closes the season, from the popular chicken stew from the Zé Maria, is planned for the 2.January.

Praia dos Carneiros: On the beach of the city for the project in Brazil, in the Victoria’s Secret is The first year Lily, Gizele Oliveira, Marianne Fonseca is. The actor, Marlon Wayan, famous for his role in the film, The Branquelas, and Amaury Nolasco played Fernando Sucre on Prison Brake, are also on the list.

Photo: Reproduction

The Big Bar: I rented a house in the Taipú de Fora and it should go on the new Year’s eve in the countries of the bahia state. In addition to it, the parças Rafael, a Young and Gabriel Medina.

Sao Miguel do Gostoso (rio grande do norte): It is one of the famous new Year’s good until 2018. The couple, level of dirt, and Felipe, California, also chose the site for the game. The festival will take place between the 26. and the 3. January.

The beach of Jericoacoara: Celebrities like Danielle Winits and André Gill, Henri Castelli and Chris day as well. The new year’s party Is the southern-Jeri, you have a Black Gil at the end of the year.