Filters photo of Shakira with cellulite and their fans, which they defend by ‘haters’ | people | entertainment


Or the famous interpreter of “Hips don ‘ t lie” saves the imperfections of the skin.

A fan, a photo of Shakira shared where you referred to your cellulite.

The comments against, decide not to wait. Morehaters’ they criticised the artists of Colombia and apply for their image and show you the cellulite legs.

In the event, Shakira dress grey wore short and high boots.

The fans of Shakira were surprised and disappointed about the situation because she has to constantly stopped to see via your social networks, maintains a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise.

Even for his portrayal of the 2. February in the Super Bowl, the Colombian followed a diet without sugar, and a plan for the exercises strict (only rested on Sundays) in addition to her personal trainer Anna Kaiser.

But the photography is 2014, when Shakira was a part of the program “The Voice”.

The singer’s fans said to their defense, and you mentioned, you have cellulite made of a woman, of course, and without the float admirable and applauded, that he normalize this detail of her body, the existence of cellulite in young women, and Mature.

“I love it because it’s a woman real. All we, or most of the (…) Is beautiful,”said feedback. (E)