Geisy Arruda poses in lingerie and looking for someone who’ll go crazy


Geisy Arruda PHOTO: playback/Instagram)

Geisy Arrudaalways well-known because of the controversial the pink dress that has the most success with the fewest pieces of clothing. The celebrity — who has already show to a reality show, and if you took the leap as an actress gets to his Sex Appeal on social networking sites.

This is what he has executed that Friday (the 13th), when it came down to writing a sextou”. In the photo, shared on Instagram, it appeared, with a provocative look and is wearing underwear and a black rendered. A little more than 32 thousand profiles, and going by your taste in the above post.

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You, Geisy Arruda, see shows, that she lost her virginity at the age of 13 years

“How about a picture that only your back, and you are looking to go back?”he suggested to a visitor. “The best butt in Brazil, has made a big fan of anonymous. Already in stories, where Geisy was talking about the “inversion of the sexual,” he said of what he sees in the spirit of love,

However, like all good geminiana, strong-willed, I think I can find someone I desestabilize, take me out of the shaft, and I’m going crazy. I believe in love, romance novels, and for the people. Even if I’m wrong. I have a couple of times, I fell in love with , but it was all so intense. It was like jumping off a cliff, without looking down. Let’s say that you’ve had a few liaisons”.