Geisy Arruda sensualiza her ‘pepper’, and cook the climate


Geisy Arruda
Geisy Arruda PHOTO: playback/Instagram)

Geisy Arruda it increases the temperature of the web, to share with us Stories the Instagram click on that, it seems, lingerie, red, rendered with a hint of transparency in showing off her buttocks.

In the image, appears an asterisk next to a bouquet of roses. A fan took the opportunity to sing with the muse. “On the one hand, is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, and in the other a bouquet of roses”she said.

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Geisy Arruda, the comment is wrong: “Faking orgasm is not for me.”

In the time, and Rue sensualizando came in the tub, on the side Luiza Ambiel. Click share in the eternal muse of the bath, the Now well-known image of the ‘ 90s, the star has highlighted her Breasts flash engine and moved it to the web with praise such as “Amazing” and “Beautiful”

A few days ago a fan asked to say to help to Geisy, that you have doubts about your sexuality. Without missing a stroke, miss, miss, and he the trailer. “Oh, spare me the gay I know of a lady in the club. I saw it in your hair plays, fantasy, well, the girl in the vintão of Bruna Surfistinha, you have never met before-you-buy”Recording, she posed in the dress, holding the bouquet.

Geisy Arruda
Geisy Arruda Photo: Playback/ Instagram)