I live in directed the actions of the PF’s in the Lava-stream, without a request from the public Prosecutor’s office, said the Intercept 19/10/2019


The dialogues, which was published by the website The Intercept, Brazil, and today, shows that the former justice and the current minister of justice and Public security, Sergio vieira de mello to life, and helped to coordinate the operations of the PF (Federal police) from the beginning of the Operation Lava Jet.

The messages exchanged between the lawyers in the task force and representatives of the PF to show where I live, and arrived in the kind of a lawsuit for search and seizure without an order from the Prosecutor (the state attorney).

“The Russian agreed, a search that has not yet been claimed by someone else…I,” he wrote: A flower, a delegate from the PF to be assigned to the Lava-stream, in February 2016, in my view, the easiest. Russo is the last name of the moor between the lawyers and prosecutors.

“What the hell?!”, he replied, Renata Rodrigues, one of the other participants of the FP by working at the Lava-current. A “Normal” …leaves you still…I’m set…lol,” she wrote flowers in the group.

The dialogue took place days prior to the implementation of coercive measures, if the person must go to provide information, even against their will), the former Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva (PT). Even with a fixed place of abode for human rights has been taken to give coercitiva mente, evidence of the Federal police on 4. March 2016, at 24. Stage of the Lava flow. The decision was taken to live in. Then, it was considered an abuse by the experts.

After the publication of the report by the intercept, the Prime Minister is Sergio, I live in went to Twitter to complain that the matter has been made”, without hearing, to engage the people”.

“I do not recognize the authenticity of the messages of third parties, which ask by the media as a criminal, but to characterize him as unsuitable for the judge, for the “attention” of the police in the enforcement of the persecution or reportedly the search of the office were in the adoption, as permitted by law (art. 242 StPO), it is simply wrong,” he wrote to the Prime Minister.

February 27, 2016 – group a Secret friend

Luciano-Flores – 17:47:27 PM – In fact, we have 8 impaired driving enforcement. Those of you, the questions asked, please email me, so I’m going to give more to the team, which is in the oitivas still early in the morning of d-day
The Flowers – 17:48:24 – Procs., please advise if you are going to in a is part of the led
The Flowers – 17:48:48 – Up to this moment.
Roberson Pozzobon – 18:08:51 – Beauty, Luciano
Orlando Dial – 18:09:52 – Luciano, as long as it is kept in the data?
Athayde Ribeiro-Costa – 18:10:44 – Ok. We will design and send you
All about flowers – 18:12:08 – Yes. Instead of on the date of Friday, is not it?
All about flowers – 18:18:04 – The Russian agreed, a search that has not yet been claimed by someone else…hahahaha
Renata Rodrigues – 18:18:20 – Download.
Rodrigues – 18:18:20 – What do you mean?!
All about flowers – 18:18:37 – Normal…can you still…
All about flowers – 18:19:40 – I’m going to pay…always.

I live in he was instrumental in the planning of the action, the implementation of the coercive force of the country

The other dialogs are to be replaced, the show on the day of the implementation of a mandatory power in this country, that they live, and supports in the planning, operation, consulting, which materials should be used. On this day they were met by 44 orders of the court, 33 search warrants and arrest and 11 ensure the implementation of coercive measures.

To take Márcio Anselmo, ceo of the PF, that with the work on the washing, he wrote to a group of friend’s Secret “is was jets to ask you, and all the boxes in the union???”. Sindicato dos Metalúrgicos de São Bernardo do Campo (SP), which was under the chairmanship of the Calamari, it was very popular with the ex-President in the year 2016.

“I live, asked for caution in this matter. I think it’s worth taking a look at exactly what we take,” said the Prosecutor, Roberson Pozzobon.

By law, a court is obliged to grant permission for such operations, but not directly, as they should be played.

In chat, proxies, and delegates to the PF’s go, to discuss, to consider whether it will be with the order, the the syndicate. “It will be hard, look it up on the spot,” he wrote to the delegates, Igor Romario de Paula.

Shortly thereafter, Pozzobon, replied: “for the First time, you can connect to live, and you explain it?”. To be reminded that I live, was in the audience at that time, the attorney asks you to be quiet. “I don’t think it is worth it to ask the staff to wait a little bit to the approval of the court,” he said.

The dialogue was on the morning of the 4. In March 2016, simultaneously with the completion of the search, and the impaired driving enforcement from the 24th time of the operation. The mouth of the Squid, for example, came to an end at 11h40 in the day, at the airport in são paulo.

On 4. March 2016 – group a Secret friend

In Addition, Anselmo – 10:50:34 –It will ask you, with the boxes in the union???
Roberson Pozzobon – 10:53:23 – Life, and asked for caution in this matter. I think it’s worth taking a look at exactly what we believe
Is – 10:53:45 – The staff there have asked us to change the order
Is – 10:53:58 PM – I don’t know what to do
Is – 10:54:05 – I still live in a cul-de-SAC
Igor Romario de Paula – 10:54:38 am It will be hard, look it up on the spot
Is – 10:55:58 PM – I am looking forward to a decision of you
Deltan Dallagnol – 10:56:20 – I agree, you all
Is – 10:56:21 – Is there anything valuable to you
Pozzobon – 10:56:29 – First, you can connect to live, and you explain?
Is – 10:56:33 – Moscardi said that it is something that is worth more than 100 billion
Pozzobon – 10:56:41 – Or I
Is – 10:56:41 – Live, and it is in the audience
Pozzobon – 10:57:24 – I think it is worth it to ask the staff to wait a little, the permission of the court
Dallagnol – 10:57:52 – well
Renata Rodrigues – 10:58:16 – Gay is okay to ask for the extension of the warrant to permit the seizure
Is – 10:59:01 – I asked
Dallagnol – 10:59:06 – Well

The other side

Requested by the Intercept, a task force of the Lava-Jet, said that he’s not the messages that were assigned to your team members.

“The stuff comes from cyber-crime, and has been, used, released, or not to support out-of-context accusations and distortions correspond to reality. The site does not limit the right of the answer, all of the material that tells you for use in your publication,” said the press service.

“In the time of the execution of the various phases of the operation, a number of factors, including the ability to work in the Federal courts, the police and the Prosecutor’s office into account. The operation of the construction company Queiroz Galvão carried out in August 2016 (the 33rd in-phase) and whose executives have been indicted after a series of criminal charges: 5045575-84.At the end of 2016.404.And 7000, and 5046120-57.2016.404.7000)”, he also wrote for the press office of the task force.