“I’ve never run into a situation where I want to be,” says Alessandra Ambrosio on sexual harassment


Alessandra Ambrosio says that the closeness of the family, protects the photo: Handout/Timur Emek
Alessandra Ambrosio says that the closeness of the family, protects the photo: Handout/Timur Emek

That’s not enough, a business woman, a mother of two small children, one of the most successful models in the world, and angel the Victoria’s Secret has 17 years old, Alessandra Ambrosio also play to be an actress. The next day, the 23rd, the Brazilian, living in Los Angeles for the premiere in Brazil, a new experiment on canvas, “the father, in the double-dose and 2”, the Comedy for the holidays, easy to understand all-star cast, with names of the caliber of Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell and Mel Gibson.

He was in the cast,” explains Janice, one of the main reasons for the topasse live Show, a tribute to the Intro of jealousy introspective, quiet, and beautiful (of course), with the ex-wife of her husband (Wahlberg’s). Even if this is not your first work as an actress between one end and the other in Hollywood films, including the original version of “the parent double dose,” she went on to the Novella “secret truths” in Brazil, and by 2015 — Alessandra says that his main focus continues to be the life of the model, which began more than two decades ago.

— I have never rejected the idea to an actress. And this is an opportunity for you, as well (like the novel) came out in the middle of nowhere. And I said, “I know how to say no, not with this cast is wonderful! I’ve learned so much from them, says the model, while the eight-minute conversation with the magazine, she is in Miami, in which he spoke about sexual abuse, education, feminism, as well as the preparation for the move in the lingerie of Victoria’s Secret for the 17th time, at the end of this month.

Alessandra Ambrosio:
Alessandra Ambrosio: “when I started, I knew not what it was to work out” photo: Handout/Timur Emek

At the age of 36 years, and over the top than ever before, Janice said, a bit small, that’s a lot of work, more tiring” stick to the standards of slenderness is required by the designer for you if you. “The age to come to us, you will have to work harder to keep it all.”

You invest in the career of an actress in search of other projects?

I have never rejected the idea to an actress. My focus has always been to be a model, but the opportunity came when I was in Brazil, a “secret truths” (in the year 2015), and it was a great experience. The first time I was shooting, I make a paper… And it was an opportunity that came in the middle of nowhere. And I said: “guys, I can’t say that it is not an all-star cast!” I’ve learned so much from you. I am open to all options, but my main focus is on the life of the model.

You need to accused after the case of Harvey Weinstein, the producer of sexual harassment by numerous actors and part-time employees. Most recently, publications by the cut of Terry Richardson, his team of photographers for the expenses of the same type…

The new? (LaughIn front were cut off.

Have you ever had an event like this?

I have never had a siege, large suffered, of course, harassment is a small… there is always someone to give up. But I am lucky, my family sits around me, from the beginning of my career, I have profissional me always with us, and I was never in a situation where I would do it in the same night… I Think it was a great opportunity, and it has to do with my family, to always be there.

I don’t think this is true, in varying degrees, in every kind of profession, it is only actors and famous people. It is good that people talk and say, to really do something, and in order to solve this problem, so that you will not continue in the future. This is very important.

The world is changing?

Women, the more of a voice to be heard, the most in our society have more power to tell you what is right and what is wrong, and you are in the sun. I think that, in the case of social networks, there will be a lot of exposure. If you write in your own network, you will hear the truth from her. Don ‘ T have nothing to hide, it is a lot of sensationalism in the game, but it is the reality.

How do you think the education of their children in relation to issues such as feminism?

My mother has always been the cornerstone of the family, my grandparents also. So, I’ve always respected him, and with her very strong personality. They were all the same, men and women have the same chance. All of my children, and I think it is very important for us to ensure that this equality is. Around the world, it has to be heard and respected.

The Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio, interpreted, Karen, in the film the father-in-double-shot 2
The Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio, interpreted, Karen, in the film the father-in-double-shot 2″ photo: Handout/Claire Folger / Claire Folger

It manages all your to-dos with the education of their children?

It is hard to sometimes happen, a two-week travel, I go back to the house, and it is crazy, but take the reins and make everything all right. No answer, you don’t have to Have a formula that will fit each will be able to… very many friends, since I was a kid, and all of us. (we were able to). A doctor is always on call and has to give, in two, three hours a day to take care of the other children in the family, in all areas of life we need to develop to be a wife, mother and entrepreneur, I have a career, have our own point of view, and in order to be strong in our faith.

If you are gearing up for another fashion show of Victoria’s Secret. Today, it is important to maintain the perfect body? It is the most painful, exhausting?

It is more work, but it is hard, but there is to be no way. The age will come to all of us, and you have to work harder to keep everything on top of it. When I started, I didn’t know it worked that I had in the Academy. My business was to go to dance and enjoy, go for a bike ride, walk, roller-skate, I would love to do this kind of thing. Today, I focus more on eating a healthy diet, to give an example for my children…. Because, if it grows in Brazil, you eat something fresh, go in the backyard has a fruit tree or a garden of giant vegetables for the salad. At least I grew up that way. With both of my children, and it is a bit different. But I like to teach you how to eat healthy, opt for fresh food. I also like a routine for work-outs. It works to ask a lot of questions for me, for ideas. Since I’m always on the road, it’s great for yoga, meditation and running.