Izabel Goulart receives criticism because it is considered too thin


One of the top most in-demand of the moment, Izabel Goulart, was the subject of controversy recently because of a photo posted on her account on Instagram. The picture shows the model in a bikini in the swimming pool of the Hotel Fasano in Rio de Janeiro, was played on the site of the magazine Marie-Claire, on the last day 01. October. This week, the publication has received numerous criticism, because the title “spirit, But when you say good-bye to Rio de Janeiro and shows a perfect body”.

After the negative impact, and the site has changed, the title and the note, and have the disclaimer out of the way in which they apologized for what had happened, to explain that it is not in line with the editor-in-chief of “Marie Claire”, the benefit of diversity in the standard of beauty and healthy.

The Instagram of the spirit, however, the divided reviews remained. “You talk as if it is a rail-thin, and she’s around the lower abdomen and hard to marcadíssimo,” he said with a chase on the upper side, while other messages, such as “skeleton” and “this is terrible”.

This is not the first time that the top of the Brazilian, the former angel of Victoria’s Secret, it receives criticism because it is considered too thin. In addition, the spirit is not the only famous that it generates controversy is because of the body, Luciana Gimenez, Barbara Evans, Carol Magalhaes, and Candice Swanepoel will also be in this list.

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