Jennifer Lawrence wants the school to be more honest about their weight


ESC is the Best Dressed, Jennifer Lawrence is

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According to the actress, it is important to ensure that people do not reflect on something that is real life “This is what I do, I like it when people are honest. If you are 10 pounds below your ideal weight, and says he eats pizza and fried chicken, all the time, it’s not going to make people feel good about themselves“.

If I am going to be the academy awards, or the premiere of a film, and I’m not going to lie, I’m going to do another diet, the clothes. And I feel comfortable saying that“he said.

In the end, you also have the opportunity to speak with you about it took advantage of, as she has gained more confidence in his life. “You have to take it as something personal. If you want to feel, be beautiful – it is by the renewal of your eyelashes, shows the natural color of your lips or whatever, no matter how you you you you should you. Don ‘ T have a problem with it. It is only a problem if you do it for the other person“said the actress.

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