Jennifer Lopez confessed, which is what gives you Alex Rodriguez, the never with his ex


The singer also confessed that her divorce with Marc Anthony was one of the hardest moments and low mood

Jennifer Lopez confessed, which is what gives you Alex Rodriguez, the never with his ex

Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet of the Spirit Awards 2020.

Phillip Faraone / Getty Images

Recently Jennifer Lopez he was in Los Angeles, where they shared a large part of their time in addition to Oprah Winfrey in the event Weight Watchers,, that was Adamari López.

The singer admitted that his divorce with Marc Anthony it was more on the level of soul, thought that he had to visit the psychologist, to accept the “failure” that he felt his life, especially because they were the parents of Emme and Max, in which he, if he is 38 years old.

But Jennifer Lopez he also stressed that today, happy, and she doesn’t complain, nothing of what lived in the past.

About her marriage with Alex Rodriguez he confessed to want to take it easy, everything with more calm, because, according to this suggested, they began to organize, the wedding, mentally, and then heard in the time to be able to life, his emotions are better, there’s a big family, considering that both have children from their previous relationships. For JLo, it was important to be honest with each other, and to be sure that no matter, take the time to get married, it is important to know that we are aware of the want to spend the rest of your life.

The singer also admitted that in addition to the ex de bolivia has what he never had, with another man, and she describes it with the word consistency. “What promises to be fulfilled,” says JLo. “Always,” he said.

“He wants us to be something that has motivated me to Shine,” said Jennifer Lopez, to accept that these safety and support before never lived it.

It is to be recalled that the actress was the wife of Marc Anthony, was also the bride, the Ben Affleck, and was the girlfriend of Puff Daddy.

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