Katy Perry tests her boyfriend Orlando Bloom in a radio-live –


NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.- Katy Perry she played a joke on your husband-to-be Orlando Bloom during a live interview from BBC Radio London.

Perry and Bloom they committed themselves in February and you have to talk about what was done in the last few days of the tour, with means to introduce you and your respective projects.

What is a fact, the wear is very good. Katy Perry it to the test and your fiance. All of this happens when Orlando Bloom I was in the cabin radio.

Then, after minutes of the interview, the speaker allowed that between the actor and the audience in a game that was to imitate the characters. The singer took advantage of the interaction and called, by pretending to be a listener by the name of Gemma.

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Joke of Katy Perry

The singer imitates a British accent perfectly, was able to hold, to interpret, to Katy Perry. Of course, the atmosphere became more and more fun that Orlando Bloom is not knew that this audience was his bride.

While listening to the melody of ” I kissed a girl, the actor began to laugh out loud and said that they had not done this, so bad, what are doubts as to the ability of the “listener”.

Minutes after, the speaker of the radio showed that it was a joke his bride. In this moment, Bloom anodado was, however, showed the greatest effect.

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If reveal who it was, the singer said into the microphone, live radio: “Hello, baby. Darling, I thought that I would never be better. Do you really think we should have to go through this long road, if you can’t even recognize my own voice?”.

Orlando Bloomshocked, began to laugh and told him that she had her British accent, was exceptional.

“No, that was good, baby, because you know what you’ve done, do you have the English version, or … was very intelligent,” she said, before continuing.

“Are you awake, then? I thought you were asleep. It was a long night last night,” said Orlando Bloom, the singer by phone BBC Radio.

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