Kim Kardashian breaks the silence about their differences with Beyoncé what is hate really?


A week ago Beyoncé presented his second collection sport Ivy Park and these garments were already the most sought-after among the celebrities and influencers the same.

Of course, your friends and relatives sent a sample free of charge, these new creations courtesy of your pr team, and almost no one will overlook the fact that Kim Kardashian claims favorite of any brand- was not presumptuous on your social networks with the orange box the Yes, you receive had other personalities from Instagram with a lead exclusively the latest collaboration of the singer with Adidas.

This detail is, however, a proof that the tensions are still very present, between the two marriages, because all occasions Kanye West -husband of Kim has visited in the last few years against Jay-Z -the Queen B- because I deleted it, supposedly in your circle of trust in your darkest hours, characterized by the bipolar disorder.

However, on this Tuesday, the first climbed to a series of photos on Instagram in which he’s posing with several of the parts were from Beyoncé, this has him to us as a gift.

“I feel so late to the party. Congratulations to @beyonce and @adidas for a start for everything high was a success. I love all the dresses, and I die, ponérmelas”, was written for the entrepreneur, and television star in his Stories.

The last time that the two women were in public, and the feast of the birthday of P. Diddy last December, was and, as from the few photos from the party, saw the light, Kanye and Jay-Z welcomed so lovingly but in no moment to pose together with their respective wives.